Falling Action Film Co.

We are a Milwaukee video production company serving marketing teams and managers who just don’t have the time or personnel to tell their stories. We create brand films and media projects that serve your marketing or operational goals. No matter the story — whether a corporate about us or brand film, motion graphic explainer, cinematic narrative, behind-the-scenes feature, tutorial or educational video, or event promotion — we will tell it.

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We love telling stories. That’s why we’re here. We produce great work that achieves results not just for our clients, but for our business as well. Excellent work itself gets noticed, and people notice great creative. This drives our business, our clients’ goals, our own ambitions, and our desire for people to feel something when they see our work. We are committed and dedicated to providing excellent visual storytelling through creative ingenuity.

So many video production companies will tell you to sit back and not worry about it while we do the work — but that’s ridiculous. You’re making an investment, you have bosses demanding results and feedback, and you likely have an idea of how you want your project to look. We enjoy involving you throughout the process, as much or as little as you’d like, and that’s how we bring your story to life.

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